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See the GF-Series -All the features of the GX, but without internal cal

Quick Reference Pull Out Card



Internal Calibration Mass

You just push the CAL key to calibrate the balance.

Automatic Self-Calibration

The GX self-calibrates automatically when the balance detects ambient temperature changes.

Automatic Adjustable Environment Setting

With one-touch key operation, the most suitable environment response setting automatically can be selected. (Response speed: Fast, Mid, Slow)

Auto Re-Zero Function

Automatically re-zeroes the device after every data output

Ultra Fast Measurement Speed using Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)

On "fast-setting," you get a response in just one second. No time wasted waiting for the display to settle.

Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)

You can see the display easily from angles or distances or even in dimly lit areas of your lab.

Standard RS-232C Interface & Windows Communication Tools (WinCT)

Easily connect the balance to a PC or a printer (AD-8121) and with WinCT software (standard), you can import the data into your PC software, such as Windows95/98 based Word/Excel software.

Lower Maintenance Cost

With the Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS), since it is a rugged sensor by design, there is less chances for breakage.  If it does break, we can isolate and repair the portion damaged, thus minimize the repair or service costs and downtime.
Splash Proof Keyboard & Display You can protect the balance from dust and spills up to the IP54 rating.
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) You can get the outputting data with balance ID, calibration data, date & time and serial number.
Data Memory Function The balance can store the weighing data, calibration data or unit weight in the counting mode in memory:

*200 sets of weighing data

*100 sets of weighing data with
     Time & Date

*50 sets of GLP data– time, data,
    calibration data, ID number and
    serial number

*20 sets of unit average piece weight
    for use in the piece-counting mode

Interval Time Setting You can set weighing intervals of 2,5,10,30 seconds and 1,2,5,10 minutes using the Data Memory Function.
Clock & Calendar Function You can add the Time & Date to the output data.
Display Auto Power OFF Function Display turns OFF after 10 minutes of inactivity. (Can be disabled when not needed)
Auto Power On Function Without pressing ON/OFF key, the balance can be set so it automatically turns ON.
ACAI Counting Mode
(Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement)
ACAI continuously recalculates and updates average piece weight, ensuring optimum count accuracy, even with very small parts.
Capacity Indicator You can see the percentage to the total weight capacity on the display.  Provides a quick visual instantaneous analysis of current load vs. device capacity.
Comparator Function You can compare the result on the display with set value in HI, OK, LO indication.
Animal Weighing Mode
(Hold Function)
You can even weigh moving objects by using the Hold Function.
Percentage Mode You can see the percentage to the standard sample weight (use in comparative weighing and moisture loss applications).
Standard Under-Hook You can measure density and/or weigh the magnetic substances using under-hook equipment.
Die-cast Case The balance withstands hard use and static electricity.
Multiple Weighing Units You can set measurement unit in g, PC, %, oz, lb, lb:oz, ozt, ct, mm, dwt, GN, TL, t, ms, and ds.
Density Calculation Mode Allows for the input of the temperature of the water OR the liquid’s density.  You can get density measurement results which are automatically calculated (requires GX-13 Density Determination Kit)
Standard Large Square Weighing Pan Compare the competition.  The GX-200/400/600 features a 5" x 5" platform and the GX-2000/4000/6100/8000 features a 6.5" x 6.5" platform.
Front Bubble Level Indicator You can easily check the balance's level from the front.
Multiple GX Connection If you use an USB/RS-232C converter and USB-Hub, you will be able to connect multiple GX balances.

Quick Reference Card

You will find a fast and convenient operating guide installed at the bottom front of the balance.

Optional Glass Breeze Breaks

Available for all models.  Perfect to accommodate for large beakers/flasks or personnel acclimated with 3 sliding glass doors found on most analytical balances..

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